Film: Journey

Footage from a weekend spent up in the The Sierra Mountain Range. Filmed with a GoPro Karma w/ Hero 5 Back + RED 5k Dragon.

Locations: Mammoth Lakes, June Lake, and Highway 395.

Music: "Journey" - Immanuel Davis

Filmed by: Myles Matsuno


Film: The Preacher

Footage from a road trip to Tennessee. A footage filmed with a GoPro Karma + Hero 5 Black. 

Locations: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Alabama

Narrated by: Ted O'Bedlam ( and his reading of Ecclesiastes 12:1-8

Music"When Dreams Change" - Immanuel James Davis

Filmed by: Myles Matsuno


Film: Wings.

A collection of aerial shots from 2015/16 filmed throughout the country. Used in some commercial projects and for personal use.

Locations: California, New Mexico, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana 

Music: "Wings" - Immanuel James Davis

Filmed by: Myles Matsuno, Jonathan M. Smith