Film: Ella

Logline: Sometimes learning how to let go is the hardest part.

Short Synopsis: The saddest word in the english language is goodbye. Alex, a young composer, has never been able to say that word to his fiancee and their unborn child, who died about a year ago in a car accident. But now, on the eve of a concert in their memory, he tries to say it the only way he knows how — with his music. 

Director & Story: Myles Matsuno

Executive Producers: Mark Matsuno, Betsy Lindbergh, George Fareed

Produced: Jeff Salyer, Courtney Henry, Jonathan Smith

Writer: Tyler Likes

Starring: Jermaine Purifory, Rachel Balich, Erin Ownbey, & Missy Crutchfield 

Cinematography: Brian Andrews, Myles Matsuno 

Music: Immanuel James Davis

Film Editing: Myles Matsuno