Logline: For this small town Christmas literally came early.

Short Synopsis: Daniel is a once-famous musician running away from his talent. One of the few friends he has left is his grandmother, and their special bond was always the Christmas season they both loved so much. Now it's summer and she's dying, so Daniel decides to give her one last gift -- the holidays she won't live to see. He dusts off his old guitar (and his old inspiration) and sets out to bring his grandmother Christmas in July.

Status:  Post-Production

Release Date: 2018


ICHIRO (Feature Script)

Logline: After the bombing of Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, Ichiro Kataoka was forced from his home and family. He was first and 120,000 Americans were next.

Synopsis: A couple hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, Ichiro Kataoka was the first San Francisco Japanese Prisoner taken by the FBI from his hotel in Japan Town. Unaware of the events that took place in Hawaii, the Kataoka family would have never thought seeing Ichiro handcuffed behind his back would be the last image they would hold on of him for roughly 3 years.

As tension ran high, with racial discrimination and betrayal filling the streets of San Francisco, it became clear that the reason for Ichiro being taken was because of his leadership within the Japanese community and his sense of compassion to those "fresh off the boat" coming from Japan. With Ichiro now gone his wife Shige and 4 daughters must preserver on their own as they will eventually all be held prisoner in concentration camps issued by President Roosevelt through Executive Order 9066.

Now, as they leave everything behind and only bringing a suitcase of belongings with them, they hold onto what can't be taken away: family. As seasons pass we follow the family separated. Watching their lives unfold, new relationships arise, and hoping for an old love to rekindle and be united once again.

Production: Script Completed.


This short-documentary is to be shown along side the piece of artwork made for the Tacoma Art Museum in Tacoma, WA.

Synopsis: Debora Moore, a well-known glass artist, embarks on the biggest piece of her career. Sculpting five large free standing trees out of blown glass. The documentary shows a bit about the glass piece she is building but focuses more on her love for glass and how she became who she is today.

Production: Post Production. Completed before mid December 2018.